Very-much a Work in Progress

Foundation is a Typescript library (and, optionally, tool-chain) for 2D game development. Library features include:

  • Written in Typescript
  • Fully customizable game loop
  • Flip-book animations
  • Inbuilt (image-based) particle system
  • SAT-based collision detection (with MTV retrieval)
  • Easy-to-use audio management system
  • Sprite hierarchies for transformations
  • Simplified (and synchronous!) system for interaction handling (keys, mouse, touch)
  • Less than 200kb when compiled to JavaScript (just 80kb when minified).

Tool-chain features include:

  • Boilerplate project creation
  • Single-command project compilation
  • Debug in a stand-alone window (with Chrome developer tools at your disposal)
  • Easy project updates for newer versions of Foundation core files
  • Single-command build for desktop application targets (Windows, Linux, OS X)
  • More build targets (mobile) coming soon.
  • Works on Windows, Linux, and OS X

Find Foundation on Bitbucket.

Both Foundation and its documentation are very much a work in progress. Documentation, Tutorials, and Example Projects are currently in development.