Buffer for log messages which can be directly retrieved, or piped to a console in immediate or buffer mode.


// Create a logger instance (which buffers)
var logger = new Foundation.Logger();

// Log some messages
logger.log("Some event");
logger.warn("Something doesn't look right");
logger.error("Something broke");

// Dump message to console and discard from buffer

Implementation Details

Reference paths

  • '/foundation/_digest.ts'
  • '/foundation/core/debugging/_digest.ts'
  • '/foundation/core/debugging/Logger.ts'


This type does not extend a base type.


This type does not implement any interfaces

Public Properties

messages : {type: string, message: string}[]

  • Buffered messages. type will be one of "log", "warn", or "error"

immediate: boolean

  • If true, logged messages will be dumped straight to the console. If false, messages will be buffered.


(immediate: boolean = false)

  • See immediate property description.

Instance Methods

log(m: string): void

  • Log a standard message. Will be dumped as console.log

warn(m: string): void

  • Log a warning message. Will be dumped as console.warn

error(m: string): void

  • Log an error message. Will be dumped as console.error

dumpLog(clear: boolean = true): void

  • Dump all logged messages to the console. By default all dumped messages will then be discarded from the buffer. Pass false for clear to avoid this.